Did you know that there are nearly one million Japanese people that live in São Paulo? Get to know the history of Japanese migration in Brazil.

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Japanese Immigration Museum

The Japanese phenomenon.

It is estimated that more than one million Japanese people live in São Paulo, whose presence is not limited to the shops of the Liberdade neighbourhood or the hidden temples in the city's suburbs. If you want to know more about the immigration phenomenon of the Japanese to Brazil, the Japanese Immigration Museum brings together all types of information and graphic documents. Its collection joins handwritten diaries by the ancestors who worked in the field, photographs, everyday objects, an extraordinary library and examples of paintings and textiles which reflect the history of calligraphy. One of the most interesting projects that is carried out is the Oral History: interviews of the city's ancient Japanese citizens that recount their arrival to Brazil and their lives. The museum also organises themed events and exhibitions, such as a scientific review of the origin and cultivation of orchids, which you can look up on its web page.

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