A frankly spectacular mountain. With three routes of various difficulties, prepare yourself with comfortable shoes and go for it!

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Jaraguá Peak

See São Paulo from 1135 metres above the ground.

Declared a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Jaraguá Peak rises up 1,135 metres in height over the city of São Paulo, framed by Estatal de Jaraguá Park. Although you can take public transport or a car, you should wear comfortable shoes and bring bottles of water because you will not be able to find a cafe to recharge you batteries! These soils, birthplace of the indigenous peoples that were plundered and today impoverished, are noted for being rich in gold. It was discovered by Portuguese explorer Alfonso Sardinha in the 16th century. The voracious exploitation of gold mines - which can still be seen today in the marks on the mountain - stopped their production in the 19th century. The ascent of the mountain can be completed from any of its three routes, which vary in difficulty, and which you can do whether you are an experienced hiker, or you just want a quiet walk amongst nature.

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