Every cloud has a silver lining: the station fell into disuse but now hosts concerts with tenfold sound.

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Júlio Prestes Station

Headquarters of the State of São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra.

At first visit, this corner of the city centre could be another example of its collection of fine architecture and fondness for railway stations. Interestingly, the Júlio Prestes Station began construction around 1875 and was located near Luz Station. Although the coffee trade allowed the company that owned it to expand and establish the huge French-like building that we see today, they made a slight miscalculation. Buses and cars that circulated around São Paulo in 1925 resulted in a lack of use of the station, and it was abandoned. Luckily, the building was restored at the end of the 1990s, and converted into Sala São Paulo, headquarters of the State of São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra and currently the stage for various concerts. It is worth checking your schedule and enjoying some extraordinary acoustics in a historic setting.

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