You will not only find yourself amazed by the eclecticism of its cuisine, but also for its idyllic decor and delicious caipirinhas.

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Kaá Restaurant

French-Italian glamour.

French-Italian cuisine and the glamour of São Paulo is at its best in the Kaá Restaurant, which in the indigenous Tupi language means "leaf" or "grass", with a 700 square metre Amazonian rainforest, with vertical garden included. Its decoration - which won a prize for its design in 2010 - will captivate you, with its retractable roof that opens on sunny days, palm trees and water fountains. This Amazonian paradise beside the lounge area with hammocks, is completed by two other interior areas to enjoy its exclusive menu. Kaá's two prizewinning chefs - Pascal Valero and Paulo Barroso de Barros - combine Italian-French influences with Brazilian ingredients and characteristics, making its mark on eclectic and irresistible cuisine. If you opt for a visit to Kaá last thing at night, it is also famous for its caipirinhas.

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