Be sure to admire its elegant British architecture… but do not lose sight of your wallet!

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Luz Station

A flavour of London in São Paulo.

One of São Paulo's strange characteristics is its mix of cultures. It is a result of immigration and the coffee trade, which from 1901 arrived by train to Luz Station (originally known as São Paulo Railway Station and surrounded the Luz Garden). If you close your eyes and open them again in this station, you would think that you had been transported momentarily to London, with a tower that resembles Big Ben and iron structures that came from England. It is an area of more than seven thousand square metres of chic British architecture which, in 1946, was where llamas grazed until construction could be started several years later. Luz Station has undergone numerous subsequent reconstructions, including the opening of a museum inside in 2006 which, once again, has incited tourist interest. The only thing you have to watch out for in this beautiful setting is the quick work of pickpockets.

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