The window displays that adorn this street do not have any prices listed. Perfect if you are shopping 'Pretty Woman' style.

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Oscar Freire Street

Authentic commercial luxury.

You have two options on this street. Splurge on the credit card and leave your trip laden with bags like the ones you see in Pretty Woman, or wander along the street and marvel at the window displays with your hands safely in your pockets if you do not want to indulge in an expensive shopping spree. Everything is possible in the luxury Mecca of São Paulo, Oscar Freire Street, which recently had a restoration of the lighting and pavement so it could live up to the shops on the street. This short walk does not have rivals New York’s most elegant streets and you are sure to bump into models, actresses or even members of São Paulo’a high society on this street, who seem unbothered by the missing prices on the displays. They see it, they buy it. On the streets adjacent to Oscar Freire Street, you will find the luxurious area of Jadine – where you can continue to drool over the displays which include brands such as Armani, Vuitton and Versace.

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