A tavern with a huge selection of traditional dishes from Río de Janeiro. Its keg beer will defeat you!

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Pirajá Tavern

"Feijoada" Saturdays.

An example of a traditional Brazilian "boteco" (tavern), the citizens of São Paulo enjoy Pirajá Restaurant as it is reminiscent of Río de Janeiro with its photographs and decor. Saturdays are traditionally the "feijoada" day, a famous recipe from Tia Surica who was born in Sambera - a community who do not like sharing their recipes in the kitchen! The typical food in this tavern includes stuffed croquettes, pumpkin biscuits and dried meat, shrimp pasties and beef steaks with Camembert sauce, fried eggs and caramelised onions, to name a few. Pirajá also offers its customers a chance to relax on the terrace, where the sun accompanies the aperitifs and even goes as far as to offer mini-concerts of popular Brazilian music. All the visitors that pass through comment on the quality of the keg beer at any time of the day. And everyone comes back!

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