The most interactive museum, technology and fun. A must-see in the city. You will learn the basics in Portuguese.

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Portuguese Language Museum

Learn without realising it.

It is one the most futuristic and technological museums in the city, and the first in the world, exclusively dedicated to this language and has been situated in Luz Station since 2006. The symbolism of its location is that it recalls the first immigrants who arrived in São Paulo and the sound of Portuguese that was spoken in the station. The documentary collections in the museum include audiovisual explanations of the language (the diverse influences and dialects in Brazil, as well as its evolution over time), projections, poems and audiovisual montages and interactive games that invite you to learn the secrets of Portuguese. Amongst them, short films which do not only speak about the language, but also of its conjunction in the arts, football, social relations and tradition. It can be a playful way to learn a little bit of the language before visiting the city.

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