600 stalls, both commercial and cuisine, you can be assured of an entertaining Sunday morning.

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República Square

Spend your Saturdays and Sundays here.

During the weekends, commercial and gastronomic excitement join together in the renowned Arts and Crafts Fair in República Square, where you can buy as many traditional products and gifts as you want. It is recommended to set yourself a budget though, because once you find yourself surrounded by 600 stalls it is difficult to choose! At the fair you can also try traditional dishes - not only Brazilian cuisine, but also other Latin American delicacies, buy traditional crafts or elaborate costume jewellery with semi-precious native stones. The fair began as a meeting point where you could find coin and stamp collectors, which progressed on to include a number of bohemian artists who painted in the open air and today it is the main tourist spot on a Sunday afternoon. Its main charm? You can meet the craftsman who made these little works of art and buy directly from him without having to go through an intermediary.

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