Not only will its collections blow you away, the design of the building is indescribable. You have to see it!

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São Paulo Art Museum (MASP)

"Artistic suspension".

São Paulo Art Museum (MASP) was the gift from Empress Assis Chateubriand to the city at the end of the 1940s, with the aim to create an exemplary museum which brings classic and modern art together. It is considered to be an international benchmark for its collection of 8,000 works of art from the 4th century AD, up to the present day. It is worth visiting both for its powerful architecture and its extensive collections. The current venue with its strange design, on Avenida Paulista, was opened to the public in 1968 and designed by architect Lina Bo Bardi. This was the first time in Brazil that a museum looked to be suspended in the air on four pillars, with the majority of its collection in its underground space. As well as the exhibitions, this centre also offers workshops, conferences and dance and theatre performances.

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