Delight the kids (and the not so little ones!) by spending a day at the most famous zoo in Latin America...

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São Paulo Zoo

The largest quarter in the world!

If you are travelling with children and it feels like time to take a break from exploring the city, why not plan a day of adventure amongst the animals? São Paulo's Zoological Park is the biggest zoo in Latin America and the largest quarter in the world, with an extension of more than 800,000 square metres and 3,000 species of mammals, reptiles, birds and invertebrates. Since its creation in 1958 until the present day, it has changed its infrastructure but not its spirit: the protection of living animals. Gaze at the original lakes formed by the Ipiranga springs, and since 2001 you can also enjoy a day of safari. Its four kilometre route amongst animals living almost freely: lions, llamas and ostriches that you can marvel at from the vehicle in total safety. The zoo also offers an education programme with workshops and courses, as well as a programme on the preservation of endangered species.

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