An underground and carefree atmosphere, alternative music and cheap quality beer.

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Sarajevo Club

Only if you are looking for a different kind of night.

To really see the underground nightlife in São Paulo, you have to wait until dusk, and then walk to Augusta Street and venture into one of the trendy locals with a Balkan feel to it: the Sarajevo Club. It is frequented by all kinds of people - those who enjoy indie, funky, reggae or alternative, drawn in by good music which is divided amongst three areas. While the DJ on the top floor can offer you Afro-Brazilian jazz, in another corner you can find a live band playing homage to Tim Maia and James Brown. This is all available in a classic carefree atmosphere with cheap but quality beer. Every Wednesday is 'Discopedia' night, playing vinyl records with DJs Dandan, Marco and Nyack from 19:00 to 23:00. You can check the online schedule or just go and let yourself be surprised by what is playing on the night. Visiting this club during the day will not do it justice.

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