Large, majestic, symbolic and brilliant. These are just some of the adjectives that define its perfection. Discover why for yourself!

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Sé Cathedral

Impressive Neo-Gothic architecture.

Only 500 metres from Pateo do Collegio, the Sé (or Metropolitana) Cathedral sits majestically. Its Neo-Gothic ancestry makes it one of the oldest temples of this type of architecture in the world, and the biggest in the city. The cathedral has underwent many reconstructions from its original small church, which would later become the symbol of the city. When you pass through the impressive entrance, you can see the three symbols which have contributed to the country's wealth carved in stone: cocoa beans, grapes and wheat. The magic of this cathedral is captured in the light which passes through its colourful stained glass, making its interior a mysterious combination of seclusion and sunlight. Amongst its cabinet of wonders you will find a crypto-museum which dates back to 1919, with mortal remains of bishops and historical figures such as the indigenous Indian chief Tibiriçá, ‘Eyes of the Land', who died in 1562.

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