Tantra does not just serve Mongolian cuisine. It is an original experience for all five of your senses….

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Tantra Restaurant

Welcome to Mongolia?

An experience that goes beyond simple food tasting and becomes a journey in time and space. Why not visit Mongolia without having to leave São Paulo? Tantra Restaurant, in Vil Olimpia, offers a setting amongst bamboo canes, colonial style wicker and wood, as well as chairs decorated with oriental fabric, and remote corners for a romantic evening. Without doubt, the most novel aspect is how the restaurant manages to stimulate your senses as you come through the door and recognise the Asian specialities. This is also where it gets its name. Sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste are constantly entertained by the staff, who offer the visitors the chance to get involved in the kitchen. "Choose the meat or fish you like, choose the garnish, the spices and herbs that you want, the condiments and the style of cooking. Hand your choices over to the chef and it will be prepared as you requested".

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