At 165 metres tall there is lots to discover inside, complete with museums and spectacular panoramic views. There is room for everything!

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The Banespa Tower

Brazil's very own Empire State Building.

The history of Banespa Tower (originally designed to be São Paulo State Bank Headquarters) dates back to 1939, and was officially completed as Altino Arantes Building in 1947. Its architecture is inspired by New York's Empire State Building and, following the city's love of heights, you can see the 360 degree panoramic views for yourself from the building's viewpoint. In addition to the extraordinary landscape, this place is also home to the Banespa Santander Museum, which looks back at the history of the bank through photographs, antique furniture, rugs and other strange items, such as a 1882 safe and a watch collection. Amongst its 165 metres (making it the second tallest building in the city), the second and third floors are dedicated to its collection of coins, old banknotes and an extensive assortment of artwork from the most important Brazilian artists.

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