Thanks to the whimsical bourgeoisie of the early 20th century, this theater is now a benchmark for Latin American poetry.

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The Municipal Theatre

Eight long years of construction.

Impressive both inside and out, the Municipal Theatre was one of the whims from members of the early 20th century bourgeoisie in São Paulo, who wanted to enjoy classical music in beautiful surroundings and, if possible, to imitate the architecture of the Paris Opera House. Its construction was a lengthy process as all the materials had to be imported from Europe, and instead of being completed within the two years as planned, it took eight. Once built however, its premiere also faced some obstacles. Firstly because the choice of Hamlet as the first performance was not well received by the city's inhabitants - for the fact that it was a foreign play, and secondly because the set, designed by Italian company Titta Ruffo, did not arrive in time for the first night's performance, so it had to be rescheduled. On top of all this, in 1922 it hosted the Modern Art Week which did not please culture purists. However since then, the Municipal Theatre has become the benchmark for operas, both in Latin America and internationally. If you would like to know more about this place with a guided tour or assistance during the opera, it is advisable to book in advance and remember that its cafeteria only offers breakfast and lunch.

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