Take a look around the mansion of this former marchioness and relive the complicated like of Don Pedro I's mistress

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The Site of Marquesa de Santos

A historic soap opera.

In this mansion you will discover the secrets and mysteries of the peculiar lady who became the mistress of Don Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil and ex-regent of Portugal. The life of Domitila de Castro Canto e Melo, Marchioness of Santos, was not an easy one despite living in this mansion between 1834 and 1867, where masquerade balls and literary gatherings were held. First she married a man who abused her, whom she divorced, and after falling in love with the Emperor, who could not offer her more than illegitimate children and property, he cheated on her with his own sister and finally left. The Site of Marquesa de Santos, currently the venue of the Cidade de São Paulo Museum, has preserved furniture, ornaments, letters and objects used by the marchioness herself, as well as giving its visitors a journey back to the origins and development of the city.

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