Spend a simple New Year's Eve in this park, you do not have to pay.

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Trianon Park

Similar to Spain's Puerta del Sol.

The epicentre on New Year's Eve in São Paulo is Avenida Paulista and, specifically, Trianon Park. But it is not only interesting for its free open air concerts and firework displays at the end of the year, it also offers tourists an entire collection of activities to enjoy in this natural setting. Landscape artist Paul Villon designed its paths and gardens in 1892, where dances and parties were celebrated by São Paulo's upper classes at that time. The idea was to imitate a romantic English garden, except the flora better resembles an Atlantic jungle. From the 19th century up to the present day, the park has undergone various rennovations and new landscape artists have left their mark, but it still maintains its romantic atmosphere. Amongst its most prominent characteristics is the "Fauno" statue which celebrates modern Brazilian sculptor Víctor Brecheret, a bird observatory centre and new recreational areas for members of the public.

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