Take the vaporetto and get to the island that hides it ... This church houses art treasures and offers many activities.

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San Giorgio Maggiore

Really interesting visit.

Visiting this church is something that is really worth it for several reasons. The first is that it is a perfect excuse to take the vaporetto, the city’s public water transport, because it is located on a small island facing the Piazzetta, near St Mark’s Square. Inside, a huge 16th century architectural and artistic paradise awaits you. The church and the adjoining monastery were occupied by the Benedictines and were used for military purposes in the 19th century. Today it is the residence of the Giorgio Cini cultural foundation and houses some of Tintoretto’s most famous works: The Last Supper, The Fall of Manna and The Deposition. It also houses works such as Madonna and Child with Saints by Ricci. When you have finished walking through its spacious rooms and its monastery, for which it is necessary to book, you still have the big final attraction which involves undergoing its belfry. The experience is worth it. In addition to paying less than for the belfry of St Mark’s, there is always less of a queue and the views from the top are inescapable and impressive. However, watch out because the bells work all day and you’re sure to get a fright.

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