The culinary capital of Italy serves up some of its most scrumptious and iconic dishes. Mangia!

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Eating in Bologna

Why it's called 'Bologna the Fat'

Well, you've no doubt heard of Bologna's most popular nickname, La Grassa (the Fat), and notwithstanding, after you've had a few meals here, you'll see why, discovering the amazing world beyond spag bol. This region's geography and topography are especially favourable to the production of top-flight produce, cheeses, and meats including sausages (famously the home of mortadella; a couple of outstanding local produce specialities are Altedo asparragus and "golden onions"). Pasta invented here or in surrounding Emilia Romagna includes tortellini (which according to legend symbolise the navel of Venus), tagliatelle, capello del prete, and, many claim, lasagna, all typically served with ragú (tomato-and-minced-beef sauce). Other Emilian specialities include ciccioli (pork cakes), Parma ham, Parmigiano and Gran Padano cheese, balsamic vinegar, and the tasty dessert zuppa inglese. Pack stretch trousers?

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