The Roman god of the sea is a symbol of the city which has developed its own local lore

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Neptune Fountain

Ocean's Eleven (Or Is It Twelve?)

Fondly dubbed "the Giant" by locals, the imposing statue of the Roman god of the oceans in the Piazza Nettuno is adjacent to the Piazza Maggiore, facing the Palazzo d'Accursio and the Palazzo del Re Enzo. The 1567 work of a Flemish sculptor known as Giambologna, it has long been something of a symbol of the city and even a good-luck charm for University of Bologna students - who, it's said, will pass their exams if they circle it counterclockwise twice. And finally, there's an erotic quality about the statue (let's just say there's another reason it's called the Giant) that at one point led the women of the city to avoid it - at one point, bronze pants were even added.

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