Home to the tomb of the founder of the Dominican order, it draws the faithful from across the globe

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San Domenico Basilica

Resting place of a Catholic legend

As the story goes, on August 6, 1221 the founder of the great Dominican order, the Spaniard St. Dominic de Guzmán, died in the convent of San Nicolò delle Vigne. By 1233 his canonisation was underway and his remains moved to a grave at a newly constructed, unrelated site. But the fervor that developed around the cult of the saint led to this new tomb growing into a full-fledged basilica - one that, despite its handsome architecture, is considerably more modest than other local churches like San Petronio and Santo Stefano (aka the Seven Churches). The cult is still alive and well, with pilgrims flocking here by the thousands from all parts of the world.

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