A remarkable ecclesiastical complex dating back to the early Middle Ages

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St Stephen's Basilica

'The seven churches'

After San Petronio, San Stefano is perhaps Bologna's most important church, nicknamed "Le Sette Chiese" (The Seven Churches) because it's actually a complex of that many buildings, once independent but now interconnected by gardens, porticoes, and other structures. It's also known as the Sancta Jerusalem Bononiensis, as the complex was established around one 5th-century building (constructed by order of then bishop, later city patron saint Petronio) which contains a replica of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The buildings which can be visited include the Church of the Crucifix, Church of the Sepulchre, Church of San Vitale and Sant'Agricole, the Courtyard of Pilate, Church of the Martyrium, the medieval cloister, and the Museum of Santo Stefano.

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