Little dishes washed down with "spritz" - a delightful Italian favourite

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The Apéritif

A traditional early-evening snack

The tradition of the apéritif is one of Italians' most ingrained habits - and one of the most appreciated for visitors. It's an early evening custom, around 7 pm, when many eateries will bring out various relatively light dishes such as salads, pastas, and pizzas, to be washed down with an equally light little cocktail called spritz, made from Campari bitter, white wine, and club soda (wines are also common, but the spritz remains the most traditional and authentic form of aperitif). The food is complimentary; you just pay for your apéritifs. Don't know where to start? Try Café Zamboni, at Via Zamboni 6 in the heart of the Old Town.

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