Bassari Country/Southeastern Senegal

Along the ancient caravan route to Timbuktu, visit animist tribes and spot lions and rhinos in a UNESCO World Heritage-listed region where myths and legends still live.

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Bassari Country/Southeastern Senegal

Traditional peoples and stunning safaris

Centuries ago caravan trails snaked their way across this wild land, their destination the fabled city of Timbuktu, in today's Mali. And to this day, this UNESCO World Heritage-listed region of southeast Senegal remains largely the preserve of the animist tribal Bassari, as well as the Bedik, Malenke, and Coniagui. Through peoples such as these the legends of Senegal's deepest traditions live on, such as the children of the chameleon, the stone village, and the children of Dakalaba. Also fascinating in this region is the village of Dindefelo, near which you can go on safari in Niokolo-Koba Nature Reserve to see impressive wildlife. This will be an unforgettable anthropological, sociological, and ecological expedition the likes of which you may never have experienced.

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