There's a lot of art to be found in Dakar these days, but the difference here boils down to one word: sand.

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Guis Guis Gallery

Art that's strikingly original, and you'll see why.

This modest gallery in the west of Dakar (look for Avévue Bourguiba, then ask anyone for the the Galérie Guis Guis, it's well known) is about as authentic and original as it gets hereabouts. It's also unusual because of the medium used to create the art here: sand, applied in different shadings, tones, and gradations to create amazing images of the city and country. Though it's a small space, you could easily find yourself lingering for quite a while over these impressive works. To see how they're created, you're welcome to watch the artisans at work in the second-floor workshop. There's a lot of art to be found in this city, but this is sui generis.

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