A popular getaway for Dakar city slickers, this laid-back island boasts a charming fishing village and bodacious beaches.

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N'Gor Island

Right off Dakar, a tiny island treasure.

Gorée isn't the only island very near Dakar worth visiting. Just off the north coast of the city is one of Senegal's loveliest little under-the-radar treasures, with a little fishing village (one of the country's oldest), several fantastic beaches, and a surf camp. To get out to Île N'Gor from the city, you need to catch a ride with one of the boatmen who ferry locals back and forth. One of the beaches, Plage N'Gor, is one of the most popular in the country, where you can either laze on the sand and check out the wildlife ambling around, or engage in more active pursuits such as fishing, diving, paddleboating, surfing, and more. There are also good restaurants and places to spend the night. Charmant!

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