Away from the big city, explore another side of Senegal, from its castaway beaches to small towns and tribal villages.

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Petite Côte

South of Dakar, a region of pristine beaches, jungles, and delightfully authentic villages.

Beginning 80 kilometres (48 miles) south of Dakar, the Petite Côte region runs along a long stretch of beaches down to the mouth of the Saloum River, and offers a fascinating microcosm of Senegal - not just pristine sands but lush jungles as well as the towns of Toubab Dialao and Popenguine where you can get a glimpse of small-town life. And along the edges of the area you'll also have a chance to learn firsthand about some of Senegal's tribal cultures in the villages of Saly and M'Bour, descendants of the first settlers of this area. These folks are happy to welcome you and show you their way of life (just be sure to bring along an appropriate token of your thanks for the end of the visit!).

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