The heart of downtown, a mix of old and new, and a reference point to which you'll inevitably find yourself returning.

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Place de l'Independence

Dakar's ground zero.

With its mix of colonial-era and modern buildings, Independence Square is the Senegalese capital's epicentre and heart, as well as its actual geographic centre, with the city's main streets radiating out from its corners. To one side is Avénue Roume, to the other Avénue Pompidou, which leads to Sandaga Market, another of the city's well-known marketplaces. Along Pompidou itself you'll find quite a few bars as well as shops selling typical products and street peddlers (as in fact is also true on most Dakar streets). Also radiating from this square is Avénue Albert Sarraut, where you'll find Kermel Market, one of the most visited places in the city by both tourists and locals, where you'll find everything from crafts to meat, fish, and produce.

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