Fishing is one of the motors that makes Dakar run, and this is a nerve centre that's fascinating to observe.

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Soumbédioune fish market

The city's top fish market is key to its maritime traditions.

Visiting this fish market on the Route de la Corniche Ouest southwest of Medina, is more than just about sea creatures themselves; it really goes to the heart of one of this city's main activities: fishing as a way of life. Try to come in the late afternoon around 5 pm to see the bustle of the fishermen arrived from the sea and negotiating with the fishmongers. Among the dozens of boats resting on the beach, the smell of the sea and fish stalls, for a moment you can partake of this city's great tradition. And it goes without saying that this is one of the top spots in town to buy fish just hauled from the deep blue - as any of the many local customers milling about here will readily tell you.

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