A mix of the lovely and the ugly - and crucial for understanding Dakar.

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The port of Dakar

A port of contrasts.

On the one hand, Senegal depends for much of its livelihood on the port of its capital city, but on the other, that port is sadly lacking in resources to maintain itself adequately. So while there are lovely aspects to the coast in the Dakar region, there are also so many rusted wrecks going back so many years that some areas take on the look of a ship graveyard. In any case, it's an unusual spot, and one you should make a point of visiting in order to understand a bit more about life in this city. Every day, hundreds of boats leave here for the open ocean, and upon their return it turns into a lively marketplace, as here in Senegal pretty much everything is bought and sold on the fly. Then come sunset, myriad exotic species of birds flock here, as the skeletons of abandoned ships become perfect nesting and feeding grounds. And then of course, tomorrow will be another day in the port.

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