Dive deeper into Senegal society and culture with a visit to a city where you can also work in some great shopping and beach time!

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Visiting the city of Thiès

Daytrip to a city of handicrafts and beaches.

One of the main claims to fame of Senegal's third-largest city, some 60 kilometres (36 miles) from Dakar, is as a rail depot linking the capital, Mali's capital Bamako, and the northern Senegalese city of Saint Louis. Thiès underwent particularly rapid development during the second half of the 20th century, and these days it's especially well known for its handicrafts in general and fabrics in particular; in fact, you'll want to make a point of visiting one of its well-known tapestry workshops, the Manufactures Senégalaises des Arts Decoratifs. The great outdoors is an attraction here, too, with marvelous nearby white-sand beaches for surfing, snorkeling or just sunning/splashing around; in recent years it's also become quite the thing to rent small sailboat for a cruise along the nearby coast (try to time it to include one of the spectacular local sunsets).

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