Who knew? Turns out Senegal is one of the world's coolest places to get wet, from kick-arse kitesurfing to dramatic diving.

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Water sports

An aquatic smorgasbord off some of the world's best beaches.

As Senegal has some of the world's best beaches, it has also developed a water sports scene that offers just about anything you could want. Kitesurfing in particular has become very popular in recent years and is common on most local beaches, as are all other forms of surfing. People also like to rent canoes and kayaks for a scenic paddle along the coast. Under the waves, snorkeling and diving (both freediving and tank diving) are also a big deal, because areas like N'Gor Island, the beaches around Yoff and outside the city of Thiès offer large zones of clear water with rocky bottoms where you can see some spectacular submarine Senegalese scenery indeed.

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