The Baroque/neoclassical final resting place for key figures who fought for the DR's independence.

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National Pantheon of Heroes

Homage to the fathers of Dominican independence.

In the Santo Domingo neighbourbood (better known as the Old Town or Zona Colonial), this is one of the remaining few edifices not dating from the 16th century, the first century of Spanish colonisation, but rather from the 18th – and thus its fancier neoclassical and Baroque architecture. Built as a church for the Jesuit order, more recently it honours and houses the remains of those who fought for the Dominican Republic or have had particular importance to national history, such as independence fighter and former president Gregorio Luperón, and important independence figures José Núñez de Cáceres and General Antonio Duvergé. The Baroque can be seen particularly in the naves which run the length of the interior, and they are decorated with a grandiose mural depicting the ‘Final Judgment and Ascension into Heaven’ - a touch which helps impart even more of an epic feel to the premises.

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