A fun place to take the children to see unusual animals and find out more about this ancient zoo

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Dublin Zoo

Not just a zoo, but also working to rescue more species

One of the main tourist attractions is the Zoo in Phoenix Park, one of the oldest in Europe since it opened its doors at the beginning of the 19th century. It currently has 28 hectares of simulated habitats, with nearly 400 animal specimens that you can visit - in captivity, but in surroundings that are very like what their native environments would be. Among its “star” animals are several species in danger of extinction, like the white rhinoceros that the zookeepers have succeeded in breeding in captivity. Organised activities include watching the zoo’s inhabitants at feeding time: Siberian tigers, Asian lions, the penguin colony and the seal show. The zoo carries out extensive conservation work – which is what your entrance fee is used to fund – and has a department that works towards rescuing endangered species all over the world, including those indigenous to Ireland.

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