The best thing to do in this little town is meet some of the locals and let them tell you tales of the sea

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A little fishing town that's unmistakeably Irish.

If you are looking to discover the most authentic side of Dublin, all you have to do is catch a bus that drops you at the little fishing town of Howth, 10 miles north of the bay which shelters the city. There you’ll find Dublin veterans, forged by sea and pints, with the purest Dublin accents and a thousand stories to tell about the history of the place. Howth Head is crowned by one of the most symbolic lighthouses in Ireland, Baily Lighthouse, which you reach by taking a winding path along the cliffs that form the headland. It is believed that in the 1st century A.D., according to the maps of Ptolomeo, Howth was a small island which is now joined to the peninsula by a narrow strip of land. Another tiny island does still exist today – Ireland’s Eye, opposite Howth, which is a refuge for bird colonies.

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