A gallery of modern art, full of unique and unusual pieces

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Hugh Lane Gallery

Get inside the mind of Francis Bacon

Would you like to know what Francis Bacon’s chaotic studio was really like? The Hugh Lane gallery in Dublin — the first modern art gallery in town — has the answer. Among its rarities and unusual collections you’ll find a reconstruction of the painter’s studio, which has been transported, brick by brick and wall by wall (used both as palette and brush wipe) from his actual studio in London to the new location in Dublin. The gallery is in Charlemont House, a building designed by the architect Sir William Chambers to follow in the Georgian style of that era, and opened to the public in 1908. The collection will dazzle you with some of the finest examples of modern art, both from Ireland and the rest of the world, and not just paintings, but other disciplines too – like the wonderfully colourful and ornate stained glass work ‘Eve of Saint Agnes’, created by Harry Clarke.

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