Even if you’re not overly keen on museums, this one has pieces which make it different from any you’ve seen before

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Museum of Decorative Arts and History

A tour with a difference

The imposing military headquarters Collins Barracks, a neoclassical building which was constructed in 1702 and is thought to be the oldest barracks still standing in Europe, houses the Museum of Decorative Arts and History, which involves a truly unusual journey through the life and traditions of Ireland. In its time this barracks was an important military post, one of the biggest in Ireland, and its parade ground could hold up to six regiments in formation. Nowadays it is used for exhibitions on a wide range of subject matter, from the great battles its own soldiers saw from the 16th century to the present day, to antique furniture of the epoch, and even an exploration of Irish fabric fashions. The Museum of Decorative Arts and History holds the kind of information that is not usually found in other types of collections, such as an extraordinary silver collection, which includes the work of traditional Irish silversmiths, and some wonderful work by fine furniture makers and artisan woodworkers.

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