One of the many points of interest to visit in Dublin, built in honour of Saint Patrick

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Saint Patrick's Cathedral

The National Cathedral of Ireland

Legend has it that in the 5th century Saint Patrick used to baptise Irish converts in a pool that lay next to a wooden church. Today in this very same spot stands the largest Protestant church in Dublin, St Patrick’s Cathedral, which is considered the National Cathedral of Ireland. Its current architecture dates back to 1220, after the Anglo-Norman invaders replaced the wooden chapel with one of stone at the beginning of the 12th century, and it suffered centuries of sieges, fires and ruin until it was restored in 1860. One of the church’s greatest attractions for tourists is its choir, which gives concerts twice a day. There is even a service on offer by which you can rent out the cathedral to hold concerts and events in it, with prior authorisation from the dean. Among its many wonders is the so-called “Door of Reconciliation”: a wooden door with a hole through which the Earls of Ormond and Kildare, who were sworn enemies, are supposed to have shaken hands on a peace agreement in 1492.

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