Touch the New York sky… If you go up at night, you'll never forget the views of the illuminated city.

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Empire State Building

380 metres high!

You can’t leave New York without having viewed it from above. The most popular way to do this is to visit the Empire State building on Fifth Avenue and take one of its 72 lifts to the 102nd floor. The earlier you visit, the shorter the queues. Bear in mind that, once you go outside, the impact of being three hundred and eighty metres above the ground is simply astonishing. The 360° view of the island from here is truly unique. Not to worry, as the railings around the lookout point keep you safe! Once you have made this trip, you’ll want to do it again. If you do come back, be sure to visit by night, as the lifts are open until one in the morning and the nocturnal views are completely different to those by day.

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