This was the first New York skyscraper. Today, it is not its height, but its unusual structure that catches the eye.

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Flatiron Building

A triangular iron.

Among the many architectural gems that New York has to offer, the Flatiron is one of the most unusual. To visit, walk along Broadway or Fifth Avenue until they intersect at Madison Square Park. You will immediately recognise it by its triangular form, which makes it look like an iron, from which it gets its name. Although it may seem small today, it was the first skyscraper built in the city. It was erected in 1902, sparking the rapid construction of many more thereafter. The imaginative way of making the most of its location gives it this unusual shape, which is only two metres wide at its narrowest part. This is a worthwhile quick visit, which you could combine with a stroll through Madison Square Park, or a stroll past it if you walk down to Lower Manhattan.

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