From the towers to the port of New York

This trip is essential, on which you will experience the emotion and ever-present sadness of Ground Zero.

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From the towers to the port of New York

An interesting journey.

The space that the Twin Towers once occupied is now the location of Ground Zero. The tragic destruction of the towers brought about the enormous project of building an even bigger tower, which is to be named ‘The Big One’, to commemorate September 11th and symbolise the city of New York’s new image. Behind you, Saint Paul’s Church is home to a museum commemorating the people who helped out during the attacks. New York’s financial district begins in front of this. At the end of the street, with the Federal Reserve and Bank of New York behind you, you will get to the end of Well Street and its popular bull statue. Now you only have to search for the Stock Exchange Building, which controls the global economy and markets almost single-handedly. If you continue walking, you will eventually arrive at the port of New York.

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