Don't leave without trying a classic American hot dog. Yummy!

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Street food vendors

Authentic hot dogs.

This city has so much to see that it feels like there is never enough time. If you don’t feel like sitting down to eat, there are several other options. Take just a few steps down most streets and you will immediately notice hundreds of hot dog stands, typical to New York. Prices usually start at around one Dollar, with and additional cost for each accompaniment added. You mustn’t leave the city without trying one. In addition to the street vendors, you will also find hot dogs in restaurants, such as Papaya King on 179th and 86th. Another scrumptious option is pizza. You’ll see countless pizzerias, both in the centre and further out, where you can get a slice to eat as you go on your way. Sal and Carmine’s, in the north of Broadway, is just one of the city’s many great pizza places.

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