Ryumochnaya Restaurant

Friendly service, 213 types of vodka and a traditional Russian menu. This is what Ryumochnaya is all about.

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Ryumochnaya Restaurant

Solyanka and rassolnik.

With its friendly atmosphere, Ryumochnaya will make you feel right at home while offering an excellent range of typical dishes. There are 213 types of vodka to try and even a vodka museum you can visit after you meal. Mains cost around 500-850 roubles (11-21 euros). We would recommend the blinis, which are small fried pancakes served plain or filled with caviar, potato or fish. There is also an good selection of Russian soups, such as solyanka (normally made with meat, fish or mushrooms and always with cucumber) or rassolnik (with gherkins and kidney) and main dishes such as minted meat and potatoes (the latter being a staple ingredient in most dishes). Vegetarian options include potatoes served with mushrooms or salads. Ryumochnaya can be found at number 4 Konnogvardeyiski Boulevard.

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