Saint Petersburg Porcelain

Who hasn't heard of Saint Petersburg porcelain? The Lomonosov range is the best you can get!

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Saint Petersburg Porcelain

World famous.

If you're after something typical from the city, look no further than Saint Petersburg porcelain. Founded in 1744 by Empress Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter I, the Lomonosov factory was the first porcelain factory in Saint Petersburg and today it is still one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Saint Petersburg porcelain can be seen on display at the Hermitage Museum, the British Museum in London or the Metropolitan in New York. Together with English and German collections, Russian porcelain is one of the most famous in the world and it has always featured in royal palaces. Russian porcelain is usually hand painted and made using traditional techniques. The most famous design from the Lomonosov factory is the Cobalt Net pattern, which you'll find in shops all over the city.

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