This chain doesn't serve the greatest food in town, but its mushroom lasagne will definitely do the job.

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Troitsky Most

Fast, healthy and cheap.

A small vegetarian restaurant, decorated in a simple but pleasing style. This place is ideal if you don't have time for a sit-down lunch but fancy something light and healthy to keep you going. The legendary mushroom lasagne deserves a special mention and it is definitely the star dish at Troitsky Most. The food here is very affordable, with a number of dishes priced at 230 roubles (5 euros). There are a couple these chain restaurants dotted around the city but they are all decorated in a different style. You'll find one at the Dostoevskaya metro on Petrogradsky Island. In addition to the good range of vegetarian dishes, you can also enjoy a coffee and something sweet for breakfast (they open at 9am) or as a dessert.

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