A luxurious menu, 20's style atmosphere, refined dishes and upmarket prices. A great treat.

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1919 Restaurant

Seaside elegance.

If you're looking for a restaurant with extraordinary views of the sea and an elegant atmosphere where you can go to dine out without feeling hungry and take your credit card, your place is the 1919 Restaurant which is located on the exclusive 'Hotel Condado Vanderbilt' (The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel), and opened its luxurious doors precisely in 1919. Enjoy the 1920s design and the contemporary fusion cuisine because they're definitely worth the prices as the best food critics recommend this restaurant. If you don't know where to begin, the headwaiter's recommendation at the 1919 is to order the tasting menu so you can share and try different dishes, which are accompanied by an excellent wine list. Among other delicacies, you'll find the osso buco ragú with pasta, crispy suckling pig that melts in the mouth, black sea bass and lobster specialities.

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