Its structure dates back to 1751 and it's one of the most mysterious and religious in Puerto Rico.

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Capilla del Cristo (Christ’s Chapel)

Legends and miracles.

Legend has it that 'Capilla del Cristo', which dates back to midway through the 18th century, was constructed in honour of the supposed miracle that saved the life of a horseman. Apparently, the young man participated in a horse race along the street of ‘calle del Cristo’, and as he couldn't stop at the end, he fell off the cliff. Some versions claim that his faith and his prayers managed to miraculously save his life and that this chapel was built in gratitude. Other versions say that the guy died and that the 'Capilla del Cristo de la Salud' was built to block the way in order to prevent any more falls in the future. Either way, this small religious spot is shrouded in mystery and Puerto Rican tradition kept within its original structure that was built in 1751, although it's now currently out of use.

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