Paving stones, shops and art galleries for this central and touristic street.

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Calle del Cristo (Christ's Street)

A very commercial boulevard.

The touristic 'calle del Cristo' doesn't only mean a walk by the picturesque colonial architecture of San Juan, which is home to some of the main monuments in the city such as 'Capilla del Cristo' (Christ's Chapel). It's also one of the commercial centres of the city, where trees that offer shade and beach bars where you can buy ice creams, turn this boulevard into a pleasant way to spend a day of shopping. The paved promenade alternates historic colonial buildings with big names in fashion, and art galleries with ancient residences. Even though it's a steep street that may be tiring to walk, it's worth it for the atmosphere and the bustle of tourists and locals who browse the shop windows and decide to enter from time to time. Don't miss the pigeons that fly over the street and the heads of the people who pass by.

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