An alternative leisure activity for those who like to rise early.

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Peacock Bass and Tarpon Tours

Early fishing.

For those who love to get up very early, take a boat ride and wait in silence for a fish to bite the hook, the proposed programme by Peacock Bass and Tarpon Tours, is the perfect plan. Captain Paco Méndez is known in San Juan for renting his experienced fishing services to those who want to enjoy an alternative leisure activity. It usually leaves at six in the morning (although there is also the possibility of arranging nocturnal fishing tours), and the fishing takes place in the Puerto Rican lakes, with similar aquatic species that you would find in the Amazon. The trip is suitable for children and even for people with some kind of disability, since it takes place in a secure environment, despite the size of fish such as the barracuda, the shad, snappers or the exotic royal peacock fish.

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